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Budget Pay

Budget Pay is a twelve (12) month budget plan, not a payment plan. All budget accounts start in the Spring.

The purpose of the plan is to allow customers to make regular monthly payments on their account, which builds a credit. By starting the plan in Spring, there should be enough credit accumulated on your account to pay for your upcoming winter deliveries.

To participate in Budget Pay, you must have a zero ($0) balance on your account before your last delivery for the Spring season. We will estimate propane costs for the upcoming season and estimate your propane usage for one year based on your history of propane usage. Budget figures are calculated with the tank being full. Current budget customers continuing the budget plan from one year to the next must have their account reconciled by the end of the next year’s Spring.

12208513_407721886091743_6979149928725740311_nFor our new budget customers, your budget amount will be based on a print out of your past usage from your prior propane company. After we have one year’s history for you we will recalculate your monthly payment for the upcoming year.

Budget payments are for gas deliveries only. All service, labor and parts are due within normal credit terms of 30 days and will be due in addition to your budget payment.

If you would like to enroll in the budget plan, please contact the office during the last two weeks of April to discuss your budget amount.