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General Info

Office Hrs:

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 5:00


Mail payments to: P.O. Box 3305, Diamond Springs CA 95619

Minimum Delivery Requirement:

100 Gallons; or when your tank gauge reads 40% in a 250 gallon tank, or 60% in a 500 gallon tank

When to Call to Schedule Your Delivery

tank3Call to schedule your delivery when your tank reads 40% in a 250 or 60% in a 500. Keep in mind we deliver to the entire county and are in specific areas on each day of the week. If you are very low on propane and need an emergency delivery there could be additional charges to send the driver to your area and/or perform a safety check on your tank.

Our Weekly Delivery Schedule*

  • Monday: El Dorado, Diamond Springs, in town Placerville
  • Tuesday: Pleasant Valley, Somerset, Mt. Aukum, Grizzly Flat, Amador County (Amador County is on a rotating 4 wk schedule)
  • Wednesday: Georgetown, Garden Valley, Lotus, North Placerville, and Swansboro (Swansboro is on a rotating 4 wk schedule)
  • Thursday:   Shingle Springs, Rescue, Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, and Rescue
  • Friday: Camino, Pollock Pines, and Kyburz (Kyburz is on a rotating 4 wk schedule)
  • If your town is not listed, look at the delivery day of the closest town. If you are between two areas with different delivery days call our office to find out when we are in your neighborhood.

*Subject to change according to weather conditions and extenuating circumstances

Snow Removal

Please shovel the snow away from your tank and place a stake to mark the tank location. This will help our driver find your tank in the snow. Thank you in advance for your understanding and helpful hand. Deliveries will not be made in inclement weather if your driveway is unsafe for our drivers and/or equipment (this will be at the driver’s discretion).



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